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It takes a Chef to know a Chef

And there are all kinds: Executive Chefs, Working Chefs, Line Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Garde Mange Chefs, Sushi Chefs, R&D Chefs, Corporate Chefs, Mobile Chefs (like those intrepid souls who pack up their food truck and head down the road every day), Private Chefs – even Taco Chefs.

Some are great at creating cutting edge dishes or re-imaging old standards in new ways. Others have a mind for systems, others are committed to the art form; while others still are just trying to make a decent living, bringing up a family doing something that they’re good at – and despite the pitfalls and setbacks in the ‘Day in the Life of a Chef’ – really do enjoy it.

Doesn’t matter what kind of Chef you are, Chef Life Radio knows what you’re about and the challenges you face on a daily basis. Only a Chef knows what a sublime joy this business can be when everything goes just right and what a nightmare it can be when they don’t.

On Chef Life Radio we’ll talking about all things Chef; the issues, the resources, the personal, the business and the lifestyle. It’s knives down and aprons off every Sunday at 9 pm on Chef Life Radio

The show is geared towards professional chefs, and those that aspire to be. But be warned – this is guerrilla radio, real, raw, passionate conversation meant to educate, illuminate but most importantly entertain those who stand every day, ready to serve.

We welcome all suggestions for show topics, guests, questions or smart ass remarks; fill out a contact form here, leave us a comment on each post – connect with us via twitter or on our facebook page; you can even leave us a voice mail message on the Chef Life Kitchen line at 954-376-5054

Host Adam M Lamb

Chef Life Radio with Adam Lamb
I’ve worked in the hospitality industry as a Chef, Corporate Chef & Consultant for over 20 years.

I’ve achieved great success and had some pretty humbling moments, but through it all I’ve never lost my passion for this challenging craft nor my love for the people who occupy that slightly twisted world that we call ‘Culinary’.

It’s for you that I’ve created this website. It’s my way of honoring all that you do and also serves as a way to call up the industry by challenging the accepted paradigm of how things have been in order that we might, together, forge a new possibility for all of us – and all those that come after us.

I hear too many stories, and have lived out my share of them, of physical and mental stresses, crappy owners, apathetic employees, guests with entitlement issues and Culinary Widows and Orphans

Amazing things happen when we energize this community of ours, Just look at how Share Our Strength went from Billy Shore’s pipe dream to a national powerhouse with the help of local chefs in cities all across the country who said, “Hell yes, I’ll help”. Think about how the Atlantic Swordfish population came back after being nearly fished to extinction in the first part of the decade just because we used our buying power (or rather the withholding of that power) to signal the fishermen that juvenile females were off the menu until they practiced better stewardship of one of our last great resources.

All this and more led to me to create foodwerks inc; a full service hospitality consulting practice – focusing on management and systems congruency. If you’re a chef, owner or looking to break into the business – I offer both consulting and coaching services. You can find more information here

Thanks for listening and always

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