On the Dock with Chef Brandon Chrostowski

Episode 135 – On The Dock with Chef Brandon Chrostowski

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Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealin


“Give Yourself Away-Find a Purpose and Be of Service” ~ Frank Caputo – Executive Chef at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“It is our duty to give meaning to the life of future generations by sharing our knowledge and experience; by teaching an appreciation of work well done and a respect for nature, the source of all life; by encouraging the young to venture off the beaten path and avoid complacency by challenging their emotions” ~ Paul Bocuse

One Word – Finances, YOUR MONEY END GAME

Tony Robbins – Money: Mastering the Game

The one thing that is on everyone’s mind but no one wants to talk about; Our one word for tonight – Finances.

Let’s face it – if we don’t talk about it, share some resources then our outcomes will be defined not by our successes but by our ignorance because one bad move or investment can wipe out a lifetime of planning.

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Collective Soul- New Vibrations

Culinary Core Principles & Why They Matter

The Mission

Our Lady Peace – Clumsy

Our interview with Brandon

Foo Fighters – One of These Days



chefs with issues

Links Mentioned in the Show

Brandon’s TedX Talk


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