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  • Will Foden, 38 –Chef de cuisine at Visconti Ristorante at the Hotel Granduca Austin: In your opinion, do younger chefs in the industry share a common ethos or energy that separates them from previous generations? “I think younger chefs are more bent on creative freedom — more focused on using good ingredients, rare ingredients. A lot of younger chefs bring young creative passion, and a big ingredient-focused outlook on the food world that may have been lacking before. It’s not so much who they are working for, it’s more about what they are working with — that’s what has taken precedence. Gone are the days of working for chefs with no compassion, giving no respect. Restaurant workers now have more respect, more compassion. It’s a more positive, energetic, confident atmosphere. Especially for younger people.”


  • Joanna Stachon, 24 –Executive chef at Ada Street: How did you manage to rise in the industry so quickly at such a young age? “To put it bluntly, I worked my ass off. I tried to make it a point to learn about every different aspect in the food world, and really tried to immerse myself in my profession. As great as it all has been, there definitely have been some downfalls along the way — definitely haven’t had a lot of time outside of work. But I try to know everything I can, to read every single thing that I can, and do whatever I need to do to make it all happen. I mean, I wanted to learn about butchering, so I got a second full-time job butchering to really develop that skill. The biggest thing for me, is just a lot of hard work. That’s it.”


  • “Dear Chef, Today I learned compassion, something this is industry is lacking. So many times we don’t care about what’s going on in other’s lives and respond with ‘suck It up sunshine’. Something happened to me personally, on a Saturday, where I couldn’t be there for service and how some people reacted really astonished me.” This came from a young woman; a dedicated culinarian, a Millennial to be exact, who had, up to that point, lived and breathed The Culinary Bro Code.She goes on to say, “It made me think of how many times I had acted like that when someone couldn’t come to work, regardless of the day, and how mad I would get thinking of how selfish they were when in fact, I was the one being selfish. Just thought you should know. A.B New Bern NC.”
  • ‘Could I Be?’ – Sylvan Esso
  • Are Millennials Changing the Culinary Culture for the Better?
  • ‘There There’ – Radiohead
  • ‘Reflektor’ – Arcade Fire
  • Chef Maria Campbell Interview: 20:43
  • ‘Life by the Drop’ – Stevie Vaughn

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