Holiday Hell 2015

Episode 132 – Holiday Hell 2015

 or Mentor This!

  • Vince Guaraldi Trio- Linus & Lucy
  • Clutch – The Regulator
  • Intro
  • “Leave it alone. More is not more. Keep it simple and sexy.” ~ Ed Brown, Lincoln Center Kitchen (New York, NY)
  • “I am not in the food business serving people, I am in the people business serving food” ~ Wolfgang Puck
  • Three Jokes
  • The Rest of the Story
  • Uninitiated Behavior
  • Monster Truck – No One is Gonna Tell Me How To Live
  • Why We Should Care
  • Joseph Campbell & The Hero’s Journey
  • Robert Bly – Iron John
  • The Winery Dogs – Oblivion
  • Grief & Praise by Martin Prechtel
  • Leadership VS Mentorship & The Gift That Keeps Giving
  • “The last thing a chef wants is a line cook is an innovator, somebody with ideas of his own who is going to mess around with the chef’s recipes and presentations. Chef’s require blind, near fanatical loyalty, a strong back and an automon-like consistency of execution under battlefield conditions” ~ Anthony Bourdain
  • “Always keep your door open to staff and treat them like family.” ~ Ming Tsai
  • My Pledge
  • Your Invitation
  • One Bad Son – Retribution Blues

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  1. Peter Lawrence

    Hey Adam, I just found your podcast and ha to listen. Pretty ironic that I choose episode 132 holiday hell as you spoke of mentoring employees and the revolving door of F&B. Took me right back to 1997 and the Wyndham Hotel in Ft Lauderdale. I found a lot of truth to what you spoke of in both of us and how we interacted during our time together in the kitchen.. I carried lots of self doubt during those years given both my failed marriage and an inner feeling of why you guys choose to hire a chef from Colorado when there was such a high pool of talent in the area. I was never quite able to allow myself to believe in my talent in the kitchen, hence my ultimate departure from the business in 2004. As with any choice we make in life there are questions and doubts of if we make the right choice, for me it was the right choice as my mind could not allow me to work the hours the business requires and still be a father to my daughter. . 11 years out of the kitchen and I still think of the folks such as yourself I met over my 28 years and carry many fond and not so fond memories. I’m glad I had the chance to work for you, obiviously I still follow your career and am happy for your success. You were the first individual in my life that taught me to never judge a book by the cover..
    I will be sure to tune in to future podcast..

    Peter Lawrence

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