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Kari Underly

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Here at Chef Life Radio we believe that working in a kitchen should be demanding, it shouldn’t have to be demeaning.

It should be hard, just doesn’t have to be harsh.

We believe that it’s possible to have more solidarity and less ‘suck it up sunshine’.

More Compassion and less Cut Throat Island.

We believe in more partnership and less ‘put up or shut up’.

More family, less fuck you.

“There’s a very physical element to the work that chefs do in kitchens … The very first time I ate at Number 9 Park was about 10 years ago, and my now-husband and I went for dinner and were so excited to go to Boston and eat there. And I remember looking into the kitchen at the end of my meal and seeing Barbara [Lynch] on the line, eight months pregnant, and killing it …not everyone can do that.” – Gail Simmons

“A sous-chef with dreams of her own restaurant empire may have mastered the art of classical French sauce making, but not yet have developed the signature cooking style she imagines as the cornerstone of her own chain of restaurants. She gauges her progress not only by whether she is moving toward her aspirations, but also by her improving skills. Our chef may not yet have the stature of Chef Auguste Escoffier or Emeril Lagasse, but she can remember a time when she could not name the five French mother sauces, let alone execute them. She’s made progress. Appreciating the skills she has developed is a marker along the path toward her culinary aspirations. The sense of accomplishment that accompanies improved skills is one of the rewards we reap when we dedicate ourselves to mastery.” Marian Deegan, Relevance: Matter More

“…anyone who willingly turns their life upside down by becoming a cook is totally insane to begin with. So many chefs that I have met are dyslexic and totally not school people or intellectuals. That could be symbolic of the kind of lifestyle that they choose to live. They all drink a lot, do a lot of drugs, drink a shitload of coffee and espresso. They don’t sleep much, and obviously don’t have much of a life outside the kitchen. A cook’s friend is a cook, there isn’t much time for a non-cook friend or girlfriend. And time really isn’t the issue so much as it’s a lifestyle and a culture that is very hard to understand or identify with unless you are on the inside. Cooks hang out with cooks because there is nobody else awake, hungry and totally wired at 2am on a Tuesday.” ― Jennifer Topper, 29 Jobs and a Million Lies


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The Heirloom FoundationA registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is combating the prevalence of issues like suicide, substance abuse, and the emotional impact of long hours in a perfection obsessed industry. They bring culinary professionals together to increase awareness about the repercussions of the high-stakes, high-pressure lives of chefs through public outreach, networking, and benefit events. The Heirloom Foundation advocates for healthier work environments though their network of chefs, restaurateurs and other industry stakeholders who commit to providing a healthy, supportive restaurant culture. They reinvest in our communities through direct service grants to nonprofit organizations that address mental health, stress management, work-life balance, substance abuse prevention, life skills, and other relevant issues. Learn More at www.theheirloomfoundation.org


chefs with issuesKat Kinsman’s site that deals with real issues in the real world of depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders and more running rampant in the food community. On the site, she invites people involved in the industry (not just chefs) to share their stories and resources for dealing with the pressures of restaurant life, so that other people may feel less alone. This is not for profit. This is just because she gives a damn. You can get involved and share your story @ www.chefswithissues.com

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