Why Being a Good Leader is Only Half of the Story

Episode 134 – Why Being a Good Leader is Only Half the Story

Foo Fighters – All My Life

Why we do what we do & Why you should care

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‘Chef’ doesn’t mean that you’re the best cook, it simply means ‘boss.’ ~ Tom Colicchio

“The hardest thing for a chef is to become comfortable with what you do. Not to be too neurotic and worried with what you are doing and how wrong or right you are.” ~ Daniel Boulud

Mail bag ~ Chef Flip

Every day is the same, every day is different.

Wake up, check phone. Fuck.

Dishwasher on lunch called out and my grill cook too.

Prep list a mile long, here goes another 18 hour day.

Fuck, no gas. Oh well, need cigs and a red bull anyways.

Fish guy fucked up my order, Sysco order is late.

Who left the fucking ovens on?!!?

Smoke a cigarette and think about what I have to 86 for lunch to survive dinner

I really hate my fish guy sometimes.

Ticket machine nonstop rolling, coffees getting cold and I still haven’t had a sip of water in two hours.

No problem, it’s just 134 degrees in here. What time is it?

Why the fuck isn’t table 33, 21 and 101 out yet?

Who the fuck order/fires a well done tomahawk on the fly?

Oh you want a dairy free Alfredo? No problem asshole.

A cigarette would be nice right now.


Slinging dishes in the middle of the rush, why didn’t I finish college so I can be one of these assholes that works a 9-5?

Tickets backing up to the floor, re-fire on a scallop that’s cold.

I need a cigarette.

Rolling into dinner prep, another cook calls out on a 300 cover night.

Why can’t my grill cook sear a fucking duck correctly?

A heart stopper… The mid dinner rush lull, full dining room and no tickets? Awesome. Five more hours, make that seven.

Boards finally clear, time for cleanup and scrubbing the walk in.

Turn off all ovens and the fucking flat top please.

19 hours later, a glass of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes by my side; temporary happiness.

Round two tomorrow, I hate the fucking holidays.

Did we ever send out that side of Bearnaise?

Fuck it.

Pillar – Just to Get By

Burnt – I fucked Up

3 Ideas to Embrace for Less Chef Stress, Part3 – Give up Making It Mean Anything about You

Burnt – We’re Family

Default – Wasting My Time

Burnout – Holy Shit, Adrenal Fatigue & Dr John Doucette

Switchfoot – Meant to Live

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Being Naive

Leadership VS Mentorship

Why Being a Leader is Only Half the Story

Being a Mentor – Down n Dirty

It’s very hard to be successful without having a good mentor, it is essential to have someone you can look up to and emulate. Also, a mentor will show you the tricks and pitfalls of the game because they have likely already been around the block.” ~ Varun Gulati

What to do if You’re Coming Up

What to do if You’re Already There

Remembering Our Mentors

Colin Hay – Overkill

Listen to the full interview with Dr John Doucette

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